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Designer Sound FX

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Сборник включает в себя коллекцию звуков, звуковых переходов и музыки для оформления фильмов, рекламы, видео... В комплекте есть видео уроки с проектами и футажами для AE по использованию из этого банка звуков.

Designer Sound FX is an intense collection of 500 Powerful Sound FX and audio elements. Including tons of Extras!
This collection includes:
explosive hits
orchestra drums
ambient tones
drum build-ups
Easy to use!
These great sound elements are pre-mastered and ready to use. We even show you several creative ways to use the elements to create promo scores like the one above and bring out the power in your motion graphics!
Movie Trailers & Promos:
These exciting sounds are the perfect addition
to any eye catching project that will be sure
to grab the audience!
What is Included?
• 500 Amazing Sound FX and Audio Elements
• Tons of Extras
Bonus Extras & Tutorials:
• 5 Video Tutorials: Learn to Plan, Mix, Score, Animate, Sync and Render
Learn how to create audio scores like the one above using Designer SFX
• 5 Pre-Scored Audio Tracks with AE Project Files (Royalty Free, AE 6.5+)
Use, Rearrange, and learn from these 5 pre-made scores or design your own
• Entire Promo Video Project File & Footage (AE 7)
See how everything was created and manipulated from start to finish

Разработчик: VIDEO COPILOT
Формат: wav, mp3
wav stereo, 16 bits, 48000 Hz
mp3 stereo, 48000 Hz 320kbps

Размер: 1.36 ГБ

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