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Adorage Effectpackage Complete Package vol.1-8 DVD

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Complete package Multilingual Adorage offers ambitious editors for every situation the right professional pop up effects. The super fast rendering in combination with the interactive user interface as well as various adjustments, always enable the ideal customization for own needs. The harmoniously plug-in integration in most important video editing solutions offers a maximum comfort and therefore a creative application.

Adorage - the giant Special Effects Collection for all needs, for example for:
- Wedding
- Documentation
- Sports
- Holiday
- Feature film
- Family

Adorage Effectpackage Volume 1 "classic"
Adorage Effectpackage Volume 2 "particles & lights"
Adorage Effectpackage Volume 3 "PIP-Fx & Splitscreens"
Adorage Effectpackage Volume 4 "universal tricks"
Adorage Effectpackage Volume 5 "diamond composits"
Adorage Effectpackage Volume 6 "Power Fx pearls"
Adorage Effectpackage Volume 7 "CGM power"
Adorage Effectpackage Volume 8 "Eyecatcher Fx"

Состоит из семнадцати частей одного архива (ISO DVD):
Скачать часть-1 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-2 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-3 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-4 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-5 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-6 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-7 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-8 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-9 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-10 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-11 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-12 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-13 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-14 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-15 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-16 (90.59 MB)
Скачать часть-17 (82.66 MB)
Сервис для интеграции адоражей в студию:
Adorage Service for Pinnacle Studio (1.8 Mb)

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